Sweet & Sour Sauce
150g jar


Full of fresh Aussie fruits & veggies.
Classic tasting.


Jar height 15cm.

Classic tasting, with all fresh Aussie produce.

Fresh Queensland pineapples with extra Aussie fruits & veggies, make this sauce both delicious and nutritious. Use as a cooking sauce or as an accompaniment.

• Pineapple is naturally rich in vitamins, enzymes and anti-oxidants.
• Contains natural prebiotic, fennel.
• Onion and garlic free.
• Amazake (fermented rice) promotes gut health and general well-being.
• No refined sugar/salt.
• Naturally nutrient rich.
• Gluten and dairy free.
• Soya free.

Main photo credit @kelli_mcclintock

Additional information

Weight 0.297 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 15 cm


Queensland Pineapples 40% (fresh juice & whole), Fresh Australian Vegetables (carrot, capsicum, chilli, organic beetroot, fennel), Rice vinegar(water,white wine,glutinous rice), Organic Fermented Rice: Brown Rice Syrup & Amazake(water,rice koji,rice,rice bran), Fresh Australian Lemon, Australian White Rice Flour, Coconut Water, Freshly Crushed Spices.

Nutritional info

Coming soon.


Re-use or recycle glass jar. Labels, including adhesive, recyclable and non-toxic. Inks non-toxic to the environment.


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150g jar”

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